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Preserving, celebrating and sharing the history of our Village by the Sea

We look forward to seeing everyone Saturday night!

WHERE were you July 16, 1969? WHAT are your memories of Apollo 11? (from Nat'l Geographic, women watch as the Apollo 11 mission launches from Cape Kennedy)

This is the oldest surviving photo of the moon. Daguerreotype of the Moon from March 1840, attributed to Dr. John William Draper. Courtesy of Prof. Baryd Still, NYU Archives. #moonlanding #50anniversaryapollo11

(Delray News, July 1969) Delray's Orbit Communications played a role in providing amplifiers to mission control in Houston. Read the article here... #moonlanding #apollo11anniversary

Aldrin moving to place some of the mission’s experiments and devices. Credit: NASA . #moonlanding #apollo11anniversary

Who is ready for our outdoor movie this Saturday night? On the day of the Apollo 11 launch, July 16, 1969 - 50 years ago today, Armstrong and Collins cross the walkway to the command module atop the Saturn V rocket. It will be an early-morning launch. Credit: NASA

Working on our Educational Heritage Garden plans today with Bill Wilsher!

Summer Snailmail - Outgoing!

THANK YOU Mayor Shelly Pertrolia for your great lesson about how one can use your powerful voice through letters! #snailmailrevolution

The “Barefoot Mailman” visiting the Snailmail campers!

Recycle & Reuse! Thank you Matt Shipley with Community Greening & Zimmerman Tree Service for the great fun with our campers decorating coconuts to mail!

Letter Writing Camp is underway! Welcome campers!!! #snailmailrevolution

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