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Delray Beach Children's Garden offers dynamic educational & family programming such as nature crafts, vegetable gardening, science, woodworking, farm-to-table cooking, yoga, music and more! We are also a gorgeous oasis for hosting your birthday party or other special events. Individual and Family memberships available. Come down for a visit!

Sweet days of summer.....

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Enrollment for Session 1 of the Nature Education Cooperative, our homeschool and early learning co-op, is now open. NEC Session 1 begins Tuesday, September 10. This program offers hands-on educational curriculum in science, math, language and the arts for children ages 3-7 in our beautiful outdoor classroom. Using Montessori learning tools, child-led learning concepts, and a nature school philosophy, we will journey together on an empowering collaborative learning experience. Parent/Caregiver participation is required in our cooperative program. There are three co-op sessions per year and 13 classes each session. Each session is available for purchase as a package for the entire 13 classes. For more information and to apply, please visit:

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Another great day together playing in nature. Thank you to our friend Mitch at BocaBirds & The Little Critter Traveling Petting Zoo for spending time with us today. Children love to interact with these beautiful creatures amongst our flourishing garden playscape. We can’t believe how big Splatter the chick has grown! We πŸ’š all the critters.



Even more peeks at mud pies and mud masks. Perfect day for immersing in nature and celebrating magnificent mud!!! #INTERNATIONALMUDDAY

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