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Solar 101 Mondays - Save Money & Keep your Pool water heated from the sun! A fully automated smart system that works with your pool pump to send cold water from the pool through a series of channels in the solar collectors. Using the Sun's energy to heat your pool, returning to the pool with a significant temperature gain. #swimmingpool #spa #poolsolar #solardoneright #crossatlanticsolar #freeheatfromthesun #solarenergy

🌎 Check out our #July2019 Promotions! With a purchase of a solar electric system, Cross Atlantic Solar will gift one of the following: Salt System by Pentair or Variable Speed Pump for your Pool - Save $30 to $50 a month on your electric bill.

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Solar 101 Mondays - Did you know Cross Atlantic Solar can save you an average of $20 - $25 per person a month by just switching to a solar hot water system in your home or business? It’s simple, cold water at the bottom of this tank is drawn into the lower entry of the solar collector and water flows in a continuous loop. Reheating during daylight hours, and containing in thermos tank. #solardoneright #crossatlanticsolar #solarhotwater #renewableEnergy #GreenEnergy

🔋 Keep Calm this Hurricane season! Our in home install team is #LGChemBattery certified and ready to install #LGSolarUSA Chem Lithium-ion Battery is for back-up power and peace of mind. #solardoneright #lgchembattery #storeyoursolar #crossatlanticsolar

Beautiful #LGsolarUSA install, panels are ready to soak up the sun! LG's Solar NeON 2 panels are efficient, powerful and have a bumper to bumper 25 year warranty. #solardoneright #LGSolarPanels #crossatlanticsolar

Solar 101 Mondays - 9 simple facts. Solar power is …. 1. A form of clean energy. It does not produce pollutants or emissions during power generation. 2. Renewable, which means the source (the sun) will not be depleted (unlike fossil fuels). 3.Generated in homes using solar panels (majority of the time). Learn how solar panels work. 4. Helpful in combating climate change. 5. Measured in watts (kilowatts, megawatts, gigawatts and terawatts). 6. Sunlight takes a little over eight minutes to reach Earth and a few seconds longer to make contact with solar panels. 7. An opportunity to increase your home’s value. Homes with solar sell faster and for more money. 8. A way for you to make a difference for the planet. You could prevent more than 17,000 pounds of CO2 emissions a year. 9. Good for your wallet. You can lower your monthly utility bill and lock in a fixed rate on a portion of your electricity for the next 20-25 years.

In the news: The World Will Get Half Its Power From Solar, Wind by 2050. That titanic shift over the next three decades will come as electricity demand increases 62% and investors pump $13.3 trillion into new projects, according to a report released Tuesday by BloombergNEF. Source:

☀️ It's a great day here at Cross Atlantic Solar - Did you know that we have an in-house permitting department that streamlines the process of your solar project. Contact us today to learn more. #CrossAtlanticSolar is #SolarDoneRight

Solar 101 Mondays ⚡️ Do you know how solar works? From our greatest natural resource, the sun, to your very own solar system. The system powers your home and any excess electricity gets fed back to the electrical grid. Reduce your power bill by becoming energy independent. #crossatlanticsolar #solar #floridasolar #soflosolar

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